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Time Management 101: Set Goals to Manage Your Time


About This Course

One of the things that we all have in common everywhere on earth: 24 hours a day, not a minute more, not a minute less. However, we all use these 24 hours quite differently. The question is; are we getting the results we want? Are we achieving our day-to-day priorities? Are we using our time wisely? These questions are just a few amongst many more that are integral to the understanding of how to manage one of the most precious resources any person has: TIME.

April 2021 Update

In our continuing efforts to make the Young Thinkers Program better for you, we’ve updated this course with additional information and a new quiz. The changes may have impacted your grade or this course’s completion status. If this is the case, you will need to log back in to the course and complete the new quiz in order for this course to return to your “completed” list.



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